Zuzia Zawada is an internationally published fashion and beauty Photographer based in Oxfordshire, UK.
Zuzia has always instinctively found herself to be immersed in the arts. She first started in the dark room where she experimented with film photography and pinhole cameras and later studied Interdisciplinary Fine Art , where she continued refining her aesthetics. Since then, she has been consistently dedicated to developing her photography skills and took part in numerous renowned photography and retouching courses; including ‘Mastered’ mentored by Nick Knight OBE.  
Zuzia takes utmost pride in her creative process; whether it be production, concept development or art direction. In doing so, she ensures to work closely with clients from conception to completion. 
Over the years, Zuzia has developed established relationships with clientele, creatives and modelling agencies alike - meticulously working with an abundance of fashion and beauty brands on campaigns, e-commerce and social media content.
Zuzia has partnered with leading fashion and beauty brands as well as working closely with a number of high profile talent. 
Publications and clients to include: 
‘Cosmopolitan’, ‘Marie Claire’, ‘L’Officiel’ ‘Rollacoaster’, ‘Observer’ Warehouse, Oasis Heathrow Airport, ITV BBC She is experienced in regularly working across many sub-genres of fashion and beauty including cosmetics, jewellery and lingerie. Zuzia is particularly passionate about portraying emotion and empowering women in her photographs.  
Zuzia Zawada is available for work and assignments both in the UK and internationally.
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